Buy OG Kush


Buy OG Kush

OG Kush is a great strain that helps the brain in a few amazing ways.OG Kush can help the brain with ADD and ADHD. It can also reduce pain in migraines and help relive stress. OG Kush is a amazing strain to have in your garden. It grows best in dry climates and yields under 60 weeks. This strain is a must have! You can get OG Kush and more right here at FlowerPot city.

Buy OG Kush at Flowerpot City .We are waiting to send you strains like OG kush and many more! Shipped straight to your door in just days. What more could you ask for?

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Buy OG Kush

Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A+++

Type: Indica

: Many Different shades of Bright Green, dense, small, circular, popcorn sized nugs, many orange hairs, Huge crystals.

Smell: Very Very Distinct. Extremely Floral (A hint of Rose), Pungent (Almost burns my nostrils). Nothing else like it.

Buy OG Kush

Taste: Extremely Smooth. Thick, milky white smoke.

Effects: Tolerance is not a factor. True California OG Kush will have anyone Blown. As a resident of CA, I’ve smoked the finest.

: 10/10 Depending on how much you smoke of regular shit, cut that amount in half, then again, that is how much OG you should smoke if you don’t want to be straight trippin’ out.

Good Strain For: Anyone and Anything.

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